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Pervasive Enterprise app Suite (PEAS)

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The Platform

Cohesive apps, each user has designed access to their set of app(s) only, user gets to know only his/operations Collaborative apps, though apps create a cohesive perspective, they are coupled at Enterprise Cloud Platform EnTrane™ Cognitive apps, apps learn usage patterns and improve experience & climb on user slowly, apps will be fun to use Built on EnTrane™ Enterprise leve Dashboards and Real Time Analytics™ Highly Scalable, each enterprise can scale as the load increases with Auto scaling option n-tier security 99.76% Uptime AWS multi-tier Caching technology Secure against SQL injections and DOS attacks Enterprise level cruise control for access and Bandwidth Management user level topographic SSL enabled security with auto drop options Social Integration

The Cloud - AWS

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) Private subnets Encrypted data storage Dedicated connection option Isolated GovCloud Dedicated, hardware-based crypto key storage option Trusted Advisor

The Portal and the appsuite

Simple Intuitive| Works offline Functionally Comprehensive Responsive Web Design User Friendly UI - Designed by world’s leading creative agency