ace™ Philosophy
The guiding Philosophy behind the creation of ace™ was to create an environment of efficiency and excellence in a learning institution. This philosophy drove us to create a system that was in line with the processes by which learning was delivered, was efficient and therefore saved time for educators to spend more time on education, and provided savings across the system where it was deployed.
Entlogics - ace™ Philosophy

While features and functionalities were much easier to draw, with our exposure to Schools, School Management Systems and Information Technology, we wanted to focus on ensuring maximum usage of the system, through making it intuitive not just as an information system but intuitive to the core areas of the individual school departments. We developed a system by looking at the institute from ‘Within’ – creating and ‘inside out’ view and from ‘outside’ creating an ‘outside in’ view. This helped and we had a winner of a product, accepted by everyone who saw it.

Looking from within, we realized that the critical success factors for a school to benefit from using a School Management product is the Simplicity of usage, Ease of implementation, Ability to customize and propagate the customization easily and in a short time, ability to save time and resources, which could then be directed towards bettering academics and the way it was imparted.

We ensured that we create a solution that would address these CSFs Identifying the stakeholders having an ‘outside in’ view to an institution was key to defining an effective solution. We looked at Owners/Organizations that owned institutions, Franchisors who lent their brands to schools, Parents who sent their kids to school, Governing and Trust bodies that managed schools administratively and finally the society and community to which the institution catered to, all had an external view to the way a school was run. While building the ace™ appsuite we factored in the interests of all these stakeholders.

We have taken the product to educational institutes across the world and the ace™ appsuite has obtained enormous acceptance throughout.

Reach out to us for a discussion on how we can participate with your institute, for an involved school administration experience through simple, user friendly interfaces.