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Child’s early learning experience can greatly impact their success later in life. Empowering children to overcome their fear of learning and helping them to adapt to various learning environments, early in life, is possible with the help of a great teacher or child care expert alone.

Our mission is to help children to benefit the most from the services of our platform.

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World class learning

Experience the new learning trend. Find highly reputed & certified teachers and subject experts for your child, from anywhere in the world. Explore our tools to actively participate and improve your child’s transparent learning process with communication, activity management & portfolio building tools, today!

Utilize the trend

Make learning easy, engaging & empowering for your child.

Remote or in-person

Distance is no more a problem! Avail learning sessions, remotely or in-person at home or on premise.

Transparent Learning

Communicate with the teacher, give feedback and actively aid your child in every learning activity with posts, comments, messages and activity based conversations.

Try & Hire

Access trial sessions remotely or in-person, feel the worth and make the commitment.


Avail the best, trusted & highly affordable nearby childcare service expert for on-premise, in-person, group or private childcare service, instantly!

Instant childcare services
Certified & Trusted experts

With our thorough background check-up of the premise and the service provider, you can be sure that your child is provided complete safety and good care.

Nearby, Instant & Easy drop-in-care

Make instant or scheduled appointments to utilize nearby best childcare services.

Fits the budget

Find and benefit from the most convenient & affordable childcare services in your preferred locations.

Track your child’s progress

Utilize our state of the art, privacy first digital tools to keep your child focused on activities, create and maintain a colourful portfolio, access remote learning sessions and monitor childcare & learning progress on a regular basis. Get alerts & reports of all activities performed by your child.

Monitor childcare services

Monitor meal times, sleep times, wake times, potty times, meal times and other activities of the child.

Activities and assignments

Track and manage all assignments and activities performed by your child. Receive alerts, announcements and reports regarding the same.

Child portfolio

Track your child's strengths and weaknesses. Create vibrant portfolios by uploading and organizing related media for all activities and assignments.

For Learning and childcare service providers
Get discovered

Get recognized in your neighborhood or all around the world as a certified expert for teaching, childcare services or both, and be visible to parents instantly.

Get recognized for your services

Easily find prospects and offer learning or childcare services to children from nearby or faraway places.

Demo visits & trial classes

Provide trial sessions, see if everything works out and commit to services for a fair price.

Parent reviews & profile Ranking

Showcase your online reputation & authority on a subject or a service. Get discovered instantly by parents. Earn more ratings to enhance your online visibility.


Provide on-premise, in-person, remote, private or group childcare and learning sessions. Easily manage all activities with our offline, remote learning, childcare tracking, activity management and real-time in-app communication tools. Schedule follow up calls, emails, meetings, assignments, activities, announcements, remote classes & much more.

Offer & manage services
Learning pods

Easily on-board groups of 5-10 kids at a time and offer quality learning & childcare services.

Instant drop-in-care appointments

Help near-by parents to discover you and book appointments, for providing drop-in-care facilities on-premise of a nearby childcare center, at child's home or at your place.

Childcare tracking

Capture & track daily routine of children and share a consolidated daily report with parents on meal times, sleep times, wake times, potty times, meal times and other activities of the child.Parents get real-time alerts as you track these.

Task management

Improve productivity & efficiency by setting up tasks & to-do lists. Form groups and assign activities and tasks to children. Schedule assignments & announcements, set timers and alerts for all tasks to ensure that you never miss anything. Add tasks to your device’s calendar.

Parent Engagement

Keep parents up-to-date and actively engaged in the child's activities and learning process.

Immersive learning experience

Provide exciting learning sessions and gamify the learning process with our integrated learning tools, which make learning interactive and super fun.

Virtual classes

Conduct regular online classes with our remote learning tools to help children and parents to engage in activities from the comfort of their homes.

Activities & Assignments

Schedule, conduct & assess activities & assignments, to simplify complex academic concepts for children. Identify each child’s strengths and weaknesses and adjust your methods to improve their learning standards.

Child portfolio

Store and organise all the collected learning data with labels and transform it into a colourful Child’s Portfolio.

Real-time updates

Receive alerts regarding all scheduled tasks, communication with parents and upcoming payments.

Dashboard and analytics

Easily monitor and analyse progress of each child, related tasks & activities, all from one place.


Bill for services automatically. Track and receive payments online with complete safety. Share your resources for a fair price and contribute to every child’s learning enhancement anywhere in the world.

Get paid, safe & easy
Get paid

Get hired, provide high quality learning sessions, get ratings from parents and increase your chances of getting paid higher than usual. Make KynderConnectTM, your primary career building option.

Billing & Online payment

Advanced automated billing options for hourly, weekly, monthly, attendance, course duration based or any other custom setting. Track & accept all payments online and go paperless.

Offer Learning Resources

Share your best practices with the teacher and child care communities to be a part of every child’s learning improvement.

Only for teachers
Monthly $5 / STUDENT

*For other pricing modelsContact Us
Why Us?
Bold transition

With quality childcare and early learning experience, children can make an easy transition and adapt to the primary education system without fear.

Success Oriented

Children can develop an exciting vision for their future and set goals with a GET-IT-DONE attitude.

Acquire new skills

Indulging in learning activities early in childhood provides great opportunities for building valuable skills with extreme ease.

Develop team player attitude

With group learning activities, children can easily grasp the concept of teamwork.

Learning made fun and easy

With our interactive integrated apps and the expertise of the childcare & learning service providers, learning is now made more fun!

Comprehensive network

Ensure effective communication with our instant messaging tools and provide timely support to child's learning improvement.

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